Another Successful Photo Session

On Saturday I had another photo session. I went to photograph a family, it was of  mom, and her two daughters with their kids. Recently one of the sisters added a new member to the family a baby girl. This was my first time I photographed a newborn. The shoot took place with the family at a park. The day was so lovely to photograph this family.

We had a great time and laugh a lot. The family enjoyed their photo session and Baby Joy as well. She only cried for a little bit, but the rest she the happiest baby you ever seen. The newborn enjoyed the attention she was getting from all of us and of course from the camera. The kids did great overall with the photo session and enjoy their time.


Overall the photo session was a success!

Learning about a new flower

Beside photographing families, kids, couples, and people, in my spare time I'm always out there photographing flowers. Whether in the studio, or location and I photographed landscape as well. I live in Texas and there are still things I'm learning about Texas. I wasn't born in Texas and I came to Texas when I was in 11th grade. I could tell you more about Virginia and New York but very little about Texas. In the neighborhood, I live at they are building new houses right around the corner. But I saw a bunch of interesting flowers I have never seen before. I knew I had to go photograph that before the constructor ripped them out. 

It was an interesting flower. It completely fascinated me so I photographed it many times. Suddenly I had a photoshoot with this amazing flower then turn to a photoshoot with my dog who started to play around the flowers. Of course, as soon I got home I quickly upload the images and search about that interesting flower. 

In my research, I found the name of the flower and found out it was a Texas native flower. the flower is called "Leavenworth's Eryngo" also known as "Eryngium Leavenworthii". A new flower I learn that Texas has.